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Why cant I be normal? (Open)

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Why cant I be normal? (Open)

Post by Pandora Chambers on Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:09 am

Pandora walked around the streets of Central City as just her regular self. Pandora Chambers, 18 year old student at the University. She smiled at people as they passed, and some even smiled back on occasion.

She liked being Pandora Chambers. But that wasnt all she was. Hiding within her was a secret bigger than anything. Her voice. Not just being able to sing, no. But she had powers resonating in her throat. By day, she was Pandora Chambers; by night, she was Siren, superhero of Central City. The girl with the hypnotic voice.

She giggled softly at the thought and turned a corner just in time to bump into someone. "Oh wow. Im sorry. Are you alright?" She asked the person she had bumped into. She looked up and moved a strand of loose blonde hair out of her face
Pandora Chambers
Pandora Chambers

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Re: Why cant I be normal? (Open)

Post by Jemma Brightfall on Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:49 pm

Jemma gave a sly smile as she adjusted the bag on her shoulder. It had taken her usual fast talking, but she had just walked out of a room 100k richer, and having given up nothing, though the people who she sold it to haven't figured that out yet.

Jemma kept her head down as she walked through the streets, just in case. In her attempt to avoid all attention, Jemma ran into a girl turning the corner. The impact caused her to fall to the ground because of the weight of the bag she was carrying.

It took Jemma a minute to regain her bearings, but she could her the other girl apologizing. Jemma waved her off, unclipping the strap that went across her chest. "It's fine, I should have been paying attention," Jemma said, as she pulled herself off the ground, before reaching back and grabbing the other strap of the bag, turning it into a duffel bag. "You alright there, I ran into you?"
Jemma Brightfall
Jemma Brightfall

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