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LOON HOUSE!(Natiyanna)(NC-17)Trigger Warning,Language, Cussing, Vugler Behavior)

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LOON HOUSE!(Natiyanna)(NC-17)Trigger Warning,Language, Cussing, Vugler Behavior)

Post by Alex Gray on Fri May 15, 2015 1:17 pm

Alex was walking around in his Purple Body suit that had his utility belt, a mask that covered his sword, a big board sword on his back, and his Glock 19 pistols on his sides in it's holsters. Fate made his way towards a warehouse, Opening the doors. The entire thing changed."Woah, Meth is bad you kids!" He chuckled. And decided to danced around his eyes narrowing. As he danced around the place. And then the entire plane changed, their was grasslands, an ocean, and a big castle."Bloody hell I must be in heaven! I MUST BE! ANGEL MAN!" He said dancing around as he walked around the people who looked oddly at him, they were dressed in Ninth Century clothing.

"Who is this odd ball." With that being said, Fate snapped as he tipped toed towards the man."Odd ball er? You dress like a bloody Homeless, Bitch!" With that said, Fate took man by the chin and snapped his his neck. The City guards came towards him."OH LOOK! MORE Guys with Stage make up want to play. Jeez I am a ACTOR! Maybe I should dress up like a girl and play tea party with the Queen of England!" Alex chuckled. As they were wearing skirts. Such Medieval tactics.

Fate looked around as the City guard took swords."EWW! You have SWORDS! You going have sword fighting with each other in the ladies room! That's kind of hot and kinky in a way." He took out his own sword!" This big fellow is gonna gut ya like a bloody ram! And Maul ya intensives with a bloody spiked rabbit! BUSK UPON BUGS BUNNY! ROCK EM ROLL! YOU MOTHER CLUCKERS!" He took his blade and steeped the throats and heads of the four city guards, and then the Archers took positions."Come with us! And go to Prison!" Fate laughed."Nope." And begun singing while dancing, spinning his blade."Let snow let snow! I can't believe I am singing and I forget the lyrics! Let it snow let's snow let snow!" The arrows were fired and and Fate deflected them. With his sword and made a run for. He took a turn into a alley way and then was caved in by the wall. When The City guards and archers came here.

"Fuck! You ought not to be complaining. Hold on! I'll come by myself!" He put the sword back on it sheath on his back! And chuckled."I'll be back!" He reached out where his guns were which were now Daggers. And started throwing them at the throats of the guards and archers killing them."MILLY DRAMATIC ASS WIPES!" He chuckled. "MY GUNS! Wait what Sorcery is this! OH SHIT! I know magic! My guns were daggers! I AM MAGICAL FAERY PRINCESS!" He started tipping toeing towards the bodies as he did this he picked the daggers up and placed them back."I TURN YOU BACK TO GUNS!" nothing happened."WHAT THE BLOODY HELL! Damnit, must master this knew form of magic! FOOD TIME!" he begun walking around town looking for something to eat. All he found was Inn."I am A MOVIE NOW COOL!" He went inside the Inn, raised in eyebrow!" THERE"S A FEAST AND NO ONE INVITED ME! DAMNIT!" he frowned and took a stool and sat down.
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