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Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave )

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Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) Empty Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave )

Post by Kade Hawke on Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:19 pm

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) 10562j9
Full Name: Kade Adam Hawke
Alias: Katie
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: Fifteen
Play-By: (Celeb) Ross Lynch
Occupation: High School Student
Affiliation: Good ( 15 ) Evil ( 16-18) Good ( 18-21 ) Evil ( 21 - 45 ) Good ( 45 - 75 )

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) 29mriif
Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) P3Xg4Da

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) 2wcpmaf

Mother: Katherine Rose Locke /32 but looks like she is 20/ Waitress ( Teen Mom ) Living, left me him when he was younger
Father: Cassius Nicholas Hawke /35/ Gotham City Detective ( Teen Dad ) Living
Perseus Richard Hawke /12/ Seventh Grader ( Half-Brother ) Living
Audrey Victoria Hawke /9/ Elementary Student ( Half-Sister ) Living
Blake Wendell Hawke /6/ Elementary Student ( Half-Brother ) Living
Anna Celeste Hawke (nee Black ) /35/ Owner of Anna's Pastries ( Step-Mother also Adoptive Mother ) Living
Family Background:

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) 2isdvv5
Kade had basically been conceived from a one night stand between his mother and father. Which happened after a college party his mother went to, and then soon after that his biological mother found out she was pregnant with him, and knew that once he was born she was going to find his real father and leave him with him. Then once his mother gave birth to him in 2000, there was an explosion in the hospital which led out powers to and sadly they were given to Kade.

After he was born his mother took a DNA test to prove that his father was Cassius Hawke. Then once the results came back, she took him to his father's frat house, and dropped him off with a note and the test, and the note was for him to read when he was old enough.

Then soon his father found him, and knew he would need to get his own house, and so he did. Then two years after he was born his dad got married to his adoptive mother Anna, which was good since Katherine already signed the rights away to him. Which meant Anna could adopt him, and so she did. Then soon his siblings were born, and then about when he was ten he began to show the powers he was given when he was younger from the day he born. Which meant that Cassius knew he would keep Kade protected.

Then now that he is fifteen he is beginning to use his powers more.

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) Eqv60z
Kade is generally a kind and generous boy who is very intelligent for his age, and is also very brave and loyal. Since his father wanted to make sure he would raise him to make sure his mother would want him, and knows the real reason for why his mother left him with his father. Which is a reason unknown to Kade. Which also leads to him having a strong hatred toward his mother for abandoning him. Well besides that he is usually caring and kind, and a advanced swimmer, and a athlete. Which is why his powers are good for him, since it helps be a better person.

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) Axcsj
Powers -
Superhuman Intelligence ( Advanced Intelligence )
Telekinesis ( He is able to move objects with his mind )
Superhuman Senses
X-ray Vision
Ability to Generate Vibrations, and as well as being able to manipulate one's actions, and have them do the opposite.
Also he is allowed to generate a vibration storm, and have a the ability to control electricity.
He also can do telepathy, which also helps him control one by having them mess up in a game. He also can do Psonic blast which has him cause memory loss and he can as well have someone enhance their memory.  
He also can use mind control
Also the power he has is the ability to attack people with lighting since he can control electricity.
He also is very good at martial arts, and can jump from anything.

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) 10cklrc
Foes: His mother
Friends:His father and at one point crime.
Kade Hawke
Kade Hawke

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Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) Empty Re: Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave )

Post by Mirena on Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:15 am

Kade Adam Hawke ( Shockwave ) 2rn779s

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