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It's all catching up. ( Thea, Oliver AU)

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It's all catching up. ( Thea, Oliver AU)

Post by Thana Semele on Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:22 pm

Everything was beginning to catch up, Thana's lies, the Chief, everything was beginning to rack and catch up. Thea had tried to comfort her but it was little use, "Thea I can't do it! I can't keep slinking around the Chief! Not to protect you and your drug problem!" She had said , when Thea came back with what Thana did she shut her down. "Thea I have done a lot of wrong but I have NEVER dabbled in drugs, you know that. I will not stand by and watch you kill yourself like this. Yeah I sneak out at night, yeah I hacked the Chiefs database and got shot by this new arrow guy, but I am not going to stand and watch you do drugs!" Thana yelled at her, before grabbing her cloak and walking out. She had bigger issues to deal with at the current point, namely The Arrow.

She had already run in with him before, getting an arrow from him in the shoulder and that was what had started the whole mess. Thing had been fine until she had been injured, after that the Chief got suspicious and started grounding her for no reason, school had rung and told him that she had been skipping school. Moira Queen blamed Thana for Thea's drug problem and she couldn't exactly go to the hospital to get her arm checked out. Plus the Russian crew she had gotten involved with were getting more dangerous. Donning her cloak she went out into the city, into some of the more dangerous parts and met up with the Russians. Handing them over the file they wanted, until this went to pot and she got shot. She had managed to get a friend to pick her up and take her to the hospital, after dumping her cloak nearby. Still with her blood on it but doubted anyone would find it.

After all the mess was done Thana had to finally go through the whole examination and bit her lip as the beginning of her scars were shown. She had heavy scarring all over her body, and the doctors contacted the Chief about the unexplained injuries and fractures. For over an hour she had a berating from the Chief but refused to budge, and he ended up storming out and as she was getting dressed she heard Thea come in and swore. "Don't you ever knock?" She asked, wanting to hide her scars and injuries from her.......And Oliver Queen who was there too. But there was no mistaking the Russian symbol on her ribcage. "OUT! I'm getting dressed and I'm just in a sports bra!" Thana told Oliver, her arm injury matching exactly where she had been shot with an arrow. Things unfortunately were beginning to stack up against her. Even if she didn't know it. That simple sentence was the most Thana had even said to Oliver since he had come back from the dead.

Thana Semele
Thana Semele
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